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Wanda's Blog

Nego True - Daddy Are You Proud of Me

For a man like myself Fathers Day has always been an emotional day for me for as long as I can remember since my father died when I was four years old.  Yesterday I found that Father's Day is emotional for a lot more people for many different reasons when I jumped on twitter to find 90% of my twitter timeline tweeting how much they hate their fathers and how much they don't care about Father's Day. As a man who grew up without a father it saddens me to find that people had the courage to say such things about their fathers and hold that much anger and hatred within their hearts so I decided it would be best to stay away from twitter and spend the day with my mother celebrating the life of a man who I never got to spend mine with but before I signed out I decided to click on a link that my friend Nathan Hector tweeted about Father's Day.


To be honest I didn't quite know what to expect after 90% of what I had just seen and read was all common anger and hatred that seemed meaningless. 

The link led me to a spoken word piece entitled "Daddy Are You Proud of Me" by a rapper by the name of Nego True.

















The title alone caught my attention and gave me hope of substance that i knew was going to keep me going through an emotional day. The introduction to the poem was enough to get me engaged because I know that there are a lot of things my mother told me as a child that I will never forget despite the fact that it sounded like it was going to be another angry and negative piece of work. Nego managed to capture the anger and emotion that I was witnessing all morning and put it into 5 different scenarios captured by a refreshing visual and a peaceful piano roll in the background.


His clever choice of words and the pure heartfelt emotion in his voice brought each scenario into life with the first one being the point of view of a young man who's father left him during a poverty stricken time and he had to become the man of the house from an early age and do everything he could do in order to feed his mother even if it meant he had to sell drugs and indulge in crime.


The second scenario looks at a broken hearted girl who's father left her and her mother while he went to live with another woman and his other children.

Nego manages to capture this scenario very well as he expresses her emotion through talking about the young girls personal relationships with a man who reminds her of her father because he is mentally and emotionally breaking her apart.  The third scenario looks at another young man who's father left and his mother had to play both the roles of mother and father in order to raise a well mannered young man. This young man portrays a lot of anger and hatred with a powerful statement  

"It's not that I hate you but if I had to choose the father of the year I would choose anyone but you". 


The fourth scenario looks at a young man who grew up with his father that he looked up to so much but he failed to build a bond with and didn't feel any emotion from him because his father displayed himself as too much of a hegemonic figure. He showed more fear than understanding of his father with the deep choice of words that Nego uses, "Respect and fear are not the same thing, atleast I learnt that one for free". He also shows how much he wants his father to be proud of him and he finds himself being proud of the fact that he is becoming a hegemonic figure aswell by saying "I'm the man now Dad, people listen when I speak".



The last scenario was the one that brought a tear to my eye as it was the one that I felt I could relate to the most. When watching the other scenarios I fell in love with the way he expressed his art as my intentions were to stay positive for the day and even though I couldn't relate to them I understood them all very well but when the one that was closer to home than the rest came I realised it was deeper than just a piece of poetry. "Everyone's complaining about their dads and I just wish mine was alive" this line made me understand why the whole poem deserves credit and made me believe that there is still hope for our generation as there are people who can captivate and portray the beautiful art of poetry in a relatable form. 


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